Let's Graze with Cows at Padang Mangateh
Sabtu, 04-07-2020 - 21:01:53 WIB

PADANG - Padang Mangateh (Mengatas) is indeed not a tourist destination, in the district of 50 Kota, West Sumatra Province, but for those who want to see superior cows farm, they can apply for an entry permit.

However, the location in Mungo, around 12 km from the center of Payakumbuh, or about 136 km from Padang City, can be managed as an educational tourist destination. A center for field learning about animal husbandry.

What is the attraction of Padang Mangateh? For those who have a high curiosity, of course many things can be learned, as long as there are officers to guide and explain.

Unfortunately, even though I have permission to enter, me and the guest can't get a full explanation. It was happened on Friday (3/7/2020) where the officials there were having an online seminar. So I'm just watching and taking pictures.

That afternoon, the cow was in a cage. There was one area of grassland where there are cows enjoying the grass to the fullest.

While the meadow is empty of cows, it's like a Teletubbies hill. Hehe..

As far as the eye can see, we can enjoy the view of the vast grasslands. If the cows were released, the view are so amazing.

Not to mention the beauty of Mount Sago as the background, and the neatly lined hills. The savannah field, which covers 280 hectares, is also divided by a road to the hill.

When we went home, before the exit gate, in the pasture on the left, new cows were released to enjoy the green grass. We were stop for a minute to capture this moment.

If you look at the views of this region, we seemed to enjoy the ranch area in New Zealand. That means you don't have to go far to New Zealand, just to Padang Mangateh, at the 50 Kota regency.

Thank you for Head of Public Relations and Protocol of District 50 Kota, Hen Dra, Drh Indan and Drh Ad who have given us the permission to enter the Padang Mangateh area.***

Note by Yurnaldi: a photographer, journalist and co-founder of the West Sumatera Tourism
Journalists Forum (FWP) and the first Chairperson of FWP.

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  • Let's Graze with Cows at Padang Mangateh
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