248 Hectares of Burnt Land, Smog Begins to Appear in Riau
Rabu, 24-02-2021 - 12:32:00 WIB

PEKANBARU - Even though the Governor of Riau (Gubri) Syamsuar has established a forest and land fire alert status since Monday (15/2/2021) through Riau Governor Regulation Number 9 of 2020, it seems that it is not enough to make Riau zero forest and land fires.

The reason is that since this morning, Wednesday (24/2/2021) a thin smog began to appear covering the sky of Pekanbaru City. This is the impact of forest and land fires (karhutla) that have started to occur in several areas in Riau.

Head of BPBD Riau, Edwar Sanger, said that 248.85 hectares of burned land had been recorded in 8 regencies and cities in Riau.

"The most extensive burned land is in Bengkalis Regency, it has reached 82 hectares," explained Edwar, Wednesday (24/2/2021).

Edwar explained, besides that, there were also burned areas in Siak covering 45 hectares, Dumai City 40 hectares, Indragiri Hilir 40 hectares, Pelalawan hectares, Meranti Islands 4 hectares, Indragiri Hulu hectares, and Rokan Hilir hectares.

In an effort to extinguish the fire, said Edwar, a joint team consisting of members of the TNI, Polri, BPBD and Manggala Agni had been sent to the burnt location.

Previously, it was known that President Joko Widodo had warned all Governors and High-ranking TNI-Polri Officers in areas prone to forest and land fires, including Riau, to control forest and land fires so they would not deteriorate.

"I remind you, the rules of our game are still the same, I have not changed. Kapolda, Kapolres, Danrem, Dandim, if a burnt land occurs in your area and is not handled properly, you will get fired," said the President, Tuesday (23) / 2/2021) yesterday.**/ye

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  • 248 Hectares of Burnt Land, Smog Begins to Appear in Riau
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